Fencing Room: Home of MIT Women’s and Men’s Varsity Teams

October 22, 2011, the MIT Varsity Teams officially received a wonderful gift – an ultra modern Fencing Room. It took eight years of vision and planning, over one year of intense fundraising, and four months of renovation to build it. With the great support of alumni, friends of MIT Fencing, and the Institute, students now have access to one of the best fencing facilities in the nation. It is equipped with 12 grounded strips embedded into a shock-absorbing floor. Scoring boxes, repeaters, and reels are ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted in custom-designed enclosures.

The functionality of the room is complemented by wall murals designed by Wing Ngan of Ink Design utilizing a famous stroboscopic photo by Professor Edgerton of 1932 Olympic silver Medalist Joe Levis ’26 (courtesy of the MIT High Speed Photography Center 1937).

In addition to being home from the MIT Women’s and Men’s Varsity Teams, this fabulous Fencing Room also serves as the facility for:

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